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Jane Sanders is a North East based textile artist.

Her pictures depict iconic pop stars, ranging from Elvis to Amy Winehouse.  Jane creates the work on an old-fashioned sewing machine, and also employs techniques such as appliqué, embroidery and beading.  She changes traditional crafting into contemporary art.  The result is a series of colourful, engaging and unique portraits.

Jane feels it is important to celebrate pop culture, a subject which everybody can relate to; and is inspired by the audience’s love of their musical heroes.

She presents familiar faces in a whole new light.


Jane started her art training at The Salisbury College of Art and Design, and completed it with a degree in Contemporary Art Practice from Northumbria University in 1995.  Since then she has practiced art across various disciplines, including painting, costume, installation and sculpture.

She was a founder member of female art group Shift and has also been a resident artist in various establishments, and worked with many different community groups. Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows; including Liverpools Bluecoat Gallery, The Newcastle Biscuit Factory, Henshaws Arts and Craft Centre and The Villa Barrili in Italy.

Jane is based in the North East of England, where she lives with her two children and a greyhound!

Solo exhibitions: Washington Arts Centre 2017, The Peoples Theatre Gallery 2018


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Tel: 07759880710
Email: stitchininthekitchen73@gmail.com